Let’s start at the very beginning…

Gregory Shane Nuber was born on an Air Force Base in Germany on May 16th, 1966 and spent the first seventeen years of his life living across the country with his father, a fighter pilot, his mother, an Air Force officer’s wife and younger sister who arrived upon the scene when he was not quite four. Greg skipped a year of high school, graduating at the age of seventeen, immediately packed his car and drove to Arizona where he received his BFA in Acting. Dance was always his true passion though, so he applied and was accepted into the MFA Modern Dance program. He studied earnestly for the next three years, was awarded the faculty honor for excellence and, again, always the vagabond with a dream, packed up his life and drove with a friend to NYC to seek his life as a professional dancer. He booked his first modern dance company job within two months and became deeply ingrained in the dance scene of the Big Apple. Greg was invited to join Actors Equity when he auditioned for a regional production of West Side Story. This was followed by two other regional musicals but then he returned to his first passion modern concert dance. He was thrilled to spend eight years dancing and touring with the Mark Morris Dance Group – the apex of his professional performing career. Now retired from the stage, he teaches dance and is now dabbling with blogging…


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