Remembering Gretchen Geiger…

…a vivid recollection I have is her senior performance in the voice class studio at Mitchell School where we all “lived” for two years learning our craft….she did one of the Spoonriver Anthology soliloquis that we studied with voice teacher, David Vining…

Minerva the Poetess:
I AM Minerva, the village poetess,
Hooted at, jeered at by the Yahoos of the street
For my heavy body, cock-eye, and rolling walk,
And all the more when “Butch” Weldy
Captured me after a brutal hunt.
He left me to my fate with Doctor Meyers;
And I sank into death, growing numb from the feet up,
Like one stepping deeper and deeper into a stream of ice.
Will some one go to the village newspaper,
And gather into a book the verses I wrote?
I thirsted so for love!
I hungered so for life!

* * * * * * *

Gretchen, tomorrow night Jen Houston and I will meet and I will bring a copy of this to share with her as well as the beautiful card you sent me when I was ill….you will always be remember dear Frenchie…love- your Doody


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