Queer as Folk…

I just finished watching the entire final season of the American version of the series Queer as Folk. In this gay themed drama there is a club they all go to called Babylon. This club is a character in itself and it got me to thinking about my idea for an all dance musical to popular music called “X” I will blog further about this later…

In my youth our “Babylon” was called Hotbods…..my first gay bar….ah those were the days….a vintage journal entry:

January 13, 1984

“Philip, Audrey another boy and myself all went to Hotbods…it made me feel sad to watch people dance. Audrey is in supposed to be dying of cancer and she had to continually dance and joke around to keep from breaking down. It hurt to watch her – – so young, her slender body moving to the music trying to foget her mortality. It also made me sad to watch the 16 year old boy, a shool drop out smoking and drinking, throwing his life away. Then I saw an elderly man dancing all alone and it made me so sad. I hope I find someone to spend my life with. I don’t want to be a lonesome guy in my later years….”

* * * * * * * *

I look back on this entry and see how much I have learned since this newly out teenaged youth first started being openly homosexual. Now I have the man that keeps me from becoming lonesome in my old age and for that and many other things I feel greatful.


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