X in action…

Mom called from her house in Tucson and said “I didn’t know you were thinking about writing a musical!”

me: “Oh that was something I wrote years ago on a scrap of paper”

Mom: “Well I think it sounds like a great idea! Why don’t you get the juices flowing?”

me: “Okay Mom…”

I just made an i-tunes playlist of four songs and will now listen to it as I write a brief oultine of the prologue
* * * * * * * *

a heartbeat is heard in an empty space…..lub dub….lub dub….lub dub….lub dub….lub dub….a single down beam of light comes up on the central fugure “a boy” …it is his heartbeat we all hear….he begins to dance to the ryhtnm of his heart….gradually a club beat is mixed in with his own heartbeat…..a simple yet complex rhtym of life and surreal undergound club….light on boy fades as club sound takes over and….

To be continued!!!



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