Conceived by Gregory Nuber

Setting: a night club….X
A rave
An underground type of dance club…but popular, like Studio 54- a doorman/bouncer who selects the special “chosen ones”….but the space can instantly transform into another place – the mind of one of the characters – a neutral place – a strip club – a bedroom…
Sometimes this “other” place may occur simultaneously with the dance club – the other place becomes a little “bubble” of some other reality in the midst of the pulsing, throbbing crowd.

The concept of X:

X is….
Generation X
rated X
Hiv +(X)
Malcolm X (race issues)
Xed out

Cultural concepts:

The “dance of death”
“Trance Dance”

The dance club, rave – X – is where generation X goes to escape – entering an altered reality where music (drugs) lights and bodies create a hypnotic realm of existence.

I don’t know what people of generations before X-ers think of this world – my belief is that they see generation X as lazy – no ambition – drugged – just out to have fun

Is this dance club a place of fun? I don’t see it that way

(find journal entry re: sadness of seeing man and boy dancing at Hotbods. [January 13, 1984: It …made me sad to see a 16 year old boy, a high school drop out, smoking and drinking and throwing his life away. Then I saw an elderly man dancing all alone. It made me sad. I hope I find someone to spend my life with. I don’t want to be a lonesome gay in my later years.]

I think what is really happening is that a tribe of lonely people descend on this dancing place to enter the escape of the trance dance – under this façade of “having a good time- party! – is sadness…loneliness…despair – these are ambitious people with dreams – they get knocked down but they keep getting up – the stories of certain individuals become illuminated against this world of escape

Lyric to a club song:
This is tonight
Dancing is free until the morning light
Together forever ‘cause this is the night
And everything is going to be all right

The show X:

– a collage of images
– – a tapestry of specific stories of individuals
– ex: stripper who cries (juxtaposed against others who are not – just “working it’
– a person abused by a love
– a person who loses a lover/best friend to AIDS
– rape (gang bang) victim

note: all stories will not be morose – a few light spots must exist to be foils – I want to bring across the sadness slowly but hope to end with some feeling of hope(?)

[Aretha …a deeper love….dancers doing technique – class like – a la Graham’s Acts of Light …a tribute to dancers, the dancers in the cast of X, everyone from Generation X who has ambition – this could be a mid-show lighter moment]

in blackness ….

Idea: show starts… we hear a heartbeat… a special comes up on …the boy…dancing….the girl (narrator) begins to sing …light down on the boy…heartbeat turns into a club beat….
In an instant: lights up on a pulsing club at the height of evening…
Momentarily – boy appears at the top of stairs – wide –eyed and innocent – he descends into….

Reverse of this image at end of show?

Note: all vignettes are viewed by the boy – he is the witness to all the stories of life in X



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