more thoughts on X….

“This is your night” by Amber

The boy returns to Club X after a series of events have occurred and the characters from these scenes are now dancing in the club and the boy keeps coming face to face with them….”this is tonight dancing is free until the morning light together forever cause this is tonight and everything is going to be alright…”

we all know it is not however as the boy begins to swirl into final song…

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Nicki French

the crowd on the dance floor becomes like one moving unit with the boy being tossed from person to person….

“once upon a time I was falling in love now I’m only falling apart….nothing I can do a total eclipse of the heart”

final number:

“Children” by Robert Miles

an instrumental where a cracking noise occurs and the entire cast floods onto the dance floor all clad in white save the boy who is in naked or nearly so….this scene represents the afterlife….heaven for those who believe….beautiful and free and full of joy!!!


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