thinking about X…

“Another Night” by Real McCoy

A lone boy stands outside apart from a crowd of aptly and fabulously dressed club goers from generation X. It is the steady bass pulse leaking through the doors of the very popular Club X that first attracts the boy and once inside it is intoxicating and he can’t get enough of it…

their are two soloists:

female: a youngish seductress who has held her  position as a featured entertainer  at the Club for several years so feels that she knows it all but there is also…

older wiser male: the seducer and emcee

Within the context of this opening group number the male has a dark solo that would be performed as a wierd slow motion standing adage full of sex and pheremones.

This is followed by the less jaded girls sweeter yet poingant descent into the universal theme of lonliness.

“Another night another dream but always you…I feel joy I feel pain but cause it’s still the same when the night is done I’ll be alone…”

Alone….void…nothing…that is how we met  the boy. Should  decides to stay then he will be part of something incredible yet elusive and immortal. He  has no choice but to remain as the music captured his soul…

more later…



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