beginning of the letter I plan to submit in DC…

Chris Noel Reed
Born 12/25/1963 Kingman, AZ
Died 3/3/2004 of complications due to advanced AIDS, Brooklyn, NY

My Dearest Monkey….
Where do I begin? I was looking for photos to add to the panel I plan to make to honor you for the AIDS Quilt and discovered one you took of Grandma Johnson sitting on the arm of a chair wearing a flannel shirt, jeans, aviator shades and a knit cap. Oh how you adored Grandma J! Your face would light up when you talked of her eccentric ways. She raised chickens and I recall once driving you out into the desert to a poultry ranch to buy some for her. You seemed like you knew what you were doing but the chicken farmer had to grab them by the feet because you were startled! I just wanted to get back to dancing but loved you and knew how much you wanted to make Grandma J happy with new chickens so I agreed to assist you. We got home without much trauma and then took them one by one into our tiny apartment and stored them in bathtub overnight until you transported them to Kingman for her. I am including a picture of Grandma J on your panel…


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