social networking sites and memories

a strange and memorable facebook exchange just occurred:
I requested a guy named Dirk Phillips who grew up with Chris in Kingman and today got this from him:

Hey, i’m curious how or why you “friended” me on FB, but when i clicked on your link i was shocked because I grew up with Chris Reed.


3 minutes ago
Gregory Nuber

I knew Chris and made a panel for him to take next weekend to Washington DC to be included on the AIDS Memorial Quilt…so sad…had to call his brother Cordy to tell his Mom that he was about to pass….so glad she made it in time…glad to see you are well Dirk…I was a theatre major at ASU and then got my MFA in dance.

I’m glad to hear she was able to see him. He lost touch with me and his brother Casey for awhile. It seems like it happened so fast. Have a safe and happy trip to DC. Btw, you do look familiar. I must have met you when i was friends with David Vining


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